Biography of Capt A. C. Day

This information was provided by George Martin, who specialized in the history of the 43rd Infantry of the Confederate Army.

Addison C. Day was the Assistant Quartermaster of the Regiment. He enrolled in the regiment in October 1861 then age 41. He had been in the mercantile business in Rhea Springs, Tenn. before entering the army. He was shot dead by Lt. Hopkins, Co. C, in a “personal difficulty” October 6, 1864 at Lexington, VA. I visited the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery in Lexington last October. Day is buried [re-interred] in a mass grave with about 20 others. A monument placed over it contains the name of Capt. J. C. Day who died Oct. 6, 1864. Got to be the same man. The grave is within a few feet of Stonewall Jackson’s. I would imagine Jim and Addison got along quite well coming from similar backgrounds. Hopkins by the way, had been a West Point Cadet from Sept. 1860 to February 1861. He was dismissed from the academy being deficient in mathematics. He was scheduled for courts-martial by order of Gen. Breckinridge but somehow escaped his guard. I found him in the 1870 census on his father’s farm in Decard, Tn.

George Martin

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