Temple Family – Greene Co. Tennessee Wills

Major Temple 29 October 1816 $600

To my wife Mary, I give the use of my dwelling, servants, wearing apparel, one hundred dollars, a hors , and 3 cows. Children: Thomas, James and heirs of my son John, Jinny wife of John, Berry heirs of my son William, Daughter-in-law Isabella, wife of my son Josiah Temple deceased. To son, James, 200 acres land – not to be unreasonable with servants and provide for wife, Mary. To daughter, Jinny, twenty dollars. To the heirs of my son, William, twenty dollars. To daughter-in-law, Isabella, 1/2 grain corp.

Executors: Sons, Thomas and James Temple. Written 8 August 1816.

Witness: Josiah Clanson, Christopher Bradshaw.

Signed Major Temple

Mary Temple Probated and contested Monday 23 October 1820

To son, Thomas, servant, chest, 2 chairs and cow. To son James, cupboard and 2 chairs. To daughter-in-law, Jinney, widow of William Temple deceased, largest pot, hooks, churn, cotton cords. To daughter-in-law Isabella, widow of Josiah Temple, check reel, 2 tackles and churn. To grand-daughter Mary K. Robinson, daughter of Thomas Temple, a servant. To grand-daughter Peggy Temple, daughter of Thomas, one feather bed. To grand-daughter, Jenny Temple, daughter of Thomas, one dutch oven. To grand-daughter, Sally Temple, daughter of Thomas, a smoothing iron. To grand-daughter Mary K. Temple, daughter of William, one bed and furniture. To grand-daughter Maria, daughter of Josiah Temple, deceased, one coffee mill. To heirs of my deceased son William. Grand-daughter E. R. Temple, daughter of John Temple. To Jenny, one dish.

Executors: Son Thomas, Valentine Sevier. Written 22 Jan. 1818

Witness: V. Sevier, Eliza Temple

Signed Mary Temple

This will was exhibited by Thomas Temple and contested by James Temple.

Jane Temple 6 Feb. 1860

Put tombstones at our graves. To seven daughters: Mary Robinson, one bureau; Margaret Biggs, Jane Selmmons, Ellen McCord, Isabella Temple – to divide money. Isabella to have a cupboard and carpet. Grand-daughters; Margaret Robinson, Jane Biggs. To grandsons; Thomas T. Robinson, James Robinson, Major D. Robinson, shovel and tongs. Son-in-law; James Biggs. Twenty-eight dollars to Brick Presbyterian Church at Timber Ridge, in Green County Tennessee

Executor: James Biggs Will dated 16 April 1855

Test: A. Rankin, Elijah DeBusk

Signed Jane X Temple

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