Transcription of Family Register – Manerva Biggs Paul’s Bible

Transcribed by Ron Evans 

This was transcribed from a photostat copy of the family record pages. The location of the actual bible is unknown to me.

Images of the photostats follow the transcription


Manervy Marelah Biggs
was Born 15 December 1826
George W. Paul
was Born 24 January 1822

John Alexandria Paul
was Born October the 5th 1849
William Thomas Paul
was Born January 28, 1851
James Temple Paul
Was Born March the 17th 1853
Samuel Mcclure Paul
was Born June 3, 1856
Margret Elizabeth
Paul was born February
the 4th 1862


William McClure Biggs
Father of Manerva M. Paul
was Born July 23rd 1797
Margret Marela Temple
Mother of Manerva M. Paul
was Born Sept 16th 1794
Willim M. Biggs &
Margret M Temple was
married Feb 3rd 1820
Brothers & Sisters of Manerva M. Paul
Alen Conar Biggs was Born April 8th 1821
Jane Isabella Biggs ” ” July 16th 1823
Mary Lorinda ” ” ” Feb 12th 1825
Manerva M ” ” ” Dec 15th 1826
Thomas Temple ” ” ” Feb 17th 1829
William Alexander ” ” ” Mar 11th 1833
James McClure ” ” ” Aug 21th 1835


Charles McClary & Jane Biggs
Was Married Oct 5 1853
James Hughes & Mary Biggs
was Married Nov 21 1853
James M Biggs & Manerva Hambright
was Married Oct 10th 1855
G.W. Paul & Manerva Biggs
was married November 2, 1848


William Thomas
Paul Died September
the 9 1851
G. W. Paul Died
Jan 6th 1899
Manerva M. Paul
Died Feb 19th 1899
John A. Paul
Died Jan 17th 1899
James T. Paul
Died Nov 15 1913


George W. Paul and
Manerva M. Biggs
was Married 2 November

George Williamson Paul was
born on Fishing Creek Chester
District South
Carolina Jan 24 1822

Manerva M Biggs was
born in Polk County Tenn
near the bigg Spring in first
Distric on Dec 15th 1826.


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