Ella Lasaster

Copy of a letter written to Joe Cates from Ella Lasater.

May 5, 1970

Dear Joe,

Ella Lasater - 1917

Ella Lasater – 1917

Sorry I’ve waited so long about answering but not very much time for my personal life. As house mother in a nursing home –home with 50 girls & women it keeps you on the go. Retired from nursing supervisor 2 yr ago & plan on retiring permanently next July. Have been with the State of Ark. 28 yrs & think it is about time to throw the alarm clock away.

Joe, so proud you are doing the genealogy of the Darr family – have had the same wish but not the time. It is a rather large project for you. However, feel it is well worth the time and effort. Mae Darr Crozier can give you a lot of information due to her close association with Aunt Cate.

Grandfather Darr was the most perfect gentleman I have ever known and his home & life was a gentle one, and not being prejudice. In my opinion the highest honor a man can receive. Your grandmother Darr taught in the Charleston Academy when they were married. I often wondered how she had the courage to take over such a large family of girls & boys. My grandmother died when they were young. She was a Bradshaw – your grandmother was a Crawford as perhaps you know. I remember grandpaw & grandmaw called each other Mr. and Mrs. Darr. Also remember you as a little boy, very slender & delicate with such nice manners. Hope to see you after I retire & tell you things about what my mother told me about their life as a family. As my home is in Little Rock a lot of my personal papers are there & when I take my vacation next month will send you the information on your Aunt Henrietta & French. He has a son Tom that is at Texas A&M College & they have 2 little boys. Edna Shuligen (Mrs. Joe) lives in Santa Rosa, Texas. They are well known & sure they will get your letter.

Have wondered about Aunt Virginia’s family. Does Virginia live in Crossville? Where does Margaret live? So many things I wish to know about all my family. Millard is in Chattanooga with Jenny Cate. I am very concerned about him since Eloise passed away.

Ella L Malachowski (Ella Lasater)
Born Sept 9, 1897 – age 72 Cleveland Tenn
State Sanatorium Ark.

Bless you Joe for your interest in family.


Would love to hear from you & all about your family.

You will hear from me before long. Arkansas has been good to me, but no other place in the world like E. Tenn.

It won’t be the same without seeing Aunt Nell, but that little Presbyterian Church in Charleston will always be dear to my heart.

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