Southern Div.
Inv Pension
No 749.272
David G. Cooper
Co. "E", 4th Regt
Tenn Cav Vol

Evidence of
John Gregg
Co. "E", 4th Regt
Tenn Cav

W. F. Duncan
Chatata, Tenn.

State of Tennessee }
Bradley County }

Personally came before me, Notary Public in and for county and State John Gregg age 55 address
Chatata" Tenn. who being sworn as the law directs State that he was personally aquainted with
David G. Cooper Private Company E 4th Regt Tenn Cav Vol And that I remember that David G.
Cooper did contract a disease of liver and Remittent Fever or chills and fever in the Summer of 1864
at Decatur Alabama, and was sock with the Malarial Fever at Nashville Tenn In the fall and Winter
1864 and 1865.

I remember that David G. Cooper was in bad health all the time from in 1864 until I was sent to the
Cumberland Hospital Nashville Tenn in Spring or Summer 1865

I remember the facts in the this case as stated and I remember and know that his disabillities was
contracted in service and in line of his duty

I was a member of Co E 4th Regt Tenn Cav Vol and I have no interest in his Pension claim or the

John X Gregg

1 S H Kule
2. G Lee

Subscribed before me this 12th March 1891 And affiant is entitled to full faith and ??? and I have no
interest in this case of the Prosecution"

Samuel Kibler
Notary Public

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